Under 2K Single-Family Residential Foundation Award

Under 2K Single-Family Residential Foundation Award

Tales of the Tape:

  • Linear Feet of Wall: 300
  • Square Feet: 1,920
  • Yards of Concrete: 375
  • Steel Reinforcement: 17,500 lbs.
  • Wall Heights: 14’-0”
  • Wall Thickness: 10”
  • Steel Beams: 10,000 lbs.
  • Excavation Mass: 10,000+ cubic yards
  • Backfill: 5,000 lbs. of stone

This project, though small, had many challenges throughout. The difficult, rough terrain created multiple challenges, including a steep elevation change required to access the site from the county road. This made it necessary for us to produce a temporary concrete road with a rough, “boat ramp” finish to provide enough traction for construction equipment access.

The height of walls and the location were designed to maximize the view of the lake. The steep grade required multiple footing steps in the garage specifically. There was additional steel structural design to support hollow-core precast panels and hot-tub structure steel frame. 

Our work gained the respect of local contractors and businesses who have worked and continue to work on this project, and this respect has been reciprocated.

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