The Benefits of Concrete Homes & Commercial Buildings

Built to Last – Can last hundreds of years because it is not affected by insects or decay.

Energy Efficient – Thermally-insulated poured concrete maintains cooler temps in the summer and warmer temps in the winter, saving up to 30% in energy usage and costs.

Quiet and Comfortable – Solid concrete walls can reduce sound penetration by 80% versus frame construction.

Airtight – Solid concrete eliminates voids for cold, heat and moisture and keeps pests and insects from entering the building.

Storm Protection – A concrete building can withstand winds or more than 200 miles per hour. In a storm, it becomes a “safe” building.

Low Maintenance – A concrete home or building requires far less work to keep it looking new.

Environmentally Friendly – Concrete homes and commercial buildings help ensure that our forests will remain and we’re putting less waste into our landfills.

Unmatched Safety & Security – There’s real peace of mind in living in a solid concrete structure that is so strong, even a sledge hammer cannot penetrate the walls.

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